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Detox Body Wraps in Bend, Oregon

We are proud to be offering our detoxifying body wraps to Bend and the Central Oregon communities.

Our body detox wrap uses the combination of 5 key all natural ingredients to penetrate the toxic and fatty tissues thus allowing the body to safely, effectively and naturally dispose of toxins, while our specially designed wrapping technique can help to shape, lift and tone the body.  This can be an excellent complimentary therapy to a colonic

After you are comfortably wrapped, we help you into a suit designed to keep you warm and cozy.  You can then lay down and take a nap or just relax for an hour.  Because we want the clay to remain on your skin and in your pores, exercising to the point of sweating is not recommended.  However, stretching, walking or a small amount of time on a vibration plate is not only healthy but can help to elevate your sense of well-being.

Individual wrap    :30 Mins    $45.00

In order for you to get the most benefit from this detox body wrap we recommend the clay remain on your skin for about 3 days.  This allows the natural ingredients to continue working on your behalf.  You can shower or bathe using comfortably warm to lukewarm water but we discourage the use of oils, lotions or heavy soaps during this time.

As you can imagine, this is not a wrap for water loss.  Actually we highly encourage you to drink water before, during and after your wrap.  The appropriate amount of water for your particular body size and weight can aide in helping the body detoxify and eliminate.    

Our Detox Body Wraps consist of the following:

Bentonite clay is an all natural clay that acts like a magnet by binding toxins together and pulling them out of the body.  It is derived from volcanic ash after it has been weathered and aged.

Magnesium Sulfite
This can help stimulate the peripheral skin circulation, exfoliate and may help as a anti-inflammatory.

Magnesium Chloride
Helps as an important mineral salt helping in the bodies cellular balance.  It can also help combat stress, fluid retention and may help as an anti-bacterial agent.

Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide has anti-inflammatory and bacterium properties.

Sodium Chloride
May help in detoxifying tissues and in the tightening of the skin.


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High Desert Hydrotherapy is now offering health detoxing, cleansing and weight loss services such as colonics, body contouring and infrared sauna, Our healthy spa is conveniently located in downtown Bend, Oregon and serves the Central Oregon communities of Redmond, Sisters, Madras, Sun River, Terrabonne, La Pine, Prineville, and Bend, Oregon.

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